The transition from Leonardo to Line Out

The journey began when I purchased Leonardo B Watches and introduced the first design, The Corleone. Leonardo B Watches taught me the ins and out of the watch industry. After receiving feedback from customers, I took my new found knowledge from the watch industry and decided to take it a step further. I wanted to build my own watch and establish my own brand with my own unique artistic twist. After months of sketching and brainstorming ideas, Line Out Watches was created. I would now like to introduce my first watch, The Guardian. The Guardian brings class, quality, and a unique design you won’t find anywhere else. It is 100% ME. The first draft of this watch was created months ago. When I thought I finally had it perfected, I ended up back to the drawing board and more adjustments were made. Sketching and designing felt like a never ending process. In the end, the initial design was completely altered and The Guardian was born. When you purchase Line Out Watches, know each watch represents my absolute best work. I’m proud to say I put my all into creating each unique piece of wrist candy. Thank you again for purchasing from Line Out Watches!

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