“For me, my love for watches came early into my adulthood life. My brother gifted me my first watch of value as a graduation present. Since then my collection has vastly grown, as well as my appreciation for the beauty of a nice timepiece. 
It took a few years, multiple jobs and enlisting in the military to formulate and execute a plan to bring my passion to life.”
Our Founder, Jordan Smith
After high school, Jordan attended College of the Desert in Palm Springs, where he was balancing academics, playing basketball, and working at a retail store. After being the number 1 salesman week after week and making someone that he has never met so much money, he slowly began to build an interest in business. He wanted to invest in himself instead of constantly building another person’s fortune. All while, doing something he truly has a passion for.
However, he would put all these dreams to the side as he joined the United States Navy.  This is where he started to really add to his collection of watches. Being able to travel the states, and then the world, he was able to see such variety of watches. But it took him some time to get that desire to turn his dream into reality.
Line Out came to life after years of careful thinking and patience. And now Jordan gets to finally share his love for watches with the world!
He set out to capture everything that makes a watch special - and to bring it all into one brand.


Jordan wanted to design and create watches that inspire, ooze class, and most importantly watches that are simple, beautiful and functional.

Crafting watches is an art that takes passion and patience. 

These qualities were passed down to Jordan the day he received his first watch, and they are the very qualities you will receive when you obtain your very own Line Out  watch.

From the moment the ink impressed the paper Jordan drew his first design upon, to the first freehand sketch, to the final checking of a watch before it is sent to it’s rightful owner - Jordan’s mission is to bring you the watch that you truly deserve.

Line Out is the brand that will eclipse all others you’ve seen.

For Jordan, watches are not simply accessories to an outfit.

They evoke memories and feelings within him that can never be erased. 

They symbolize family, freedom and class. 

They are an expression of self, a reflection of core values.

This is what you will receive when you purchase a Line Out watch. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure that every single one of our customers gets to experience the joy and elation of owning a sturdy, beautifully simple watch.
Carefully designed with class, comfort and style in mind, we want our watches to be a physical representation of what our family stand for: 
Simplicity, functionality and beauty. 
We firmly believe watches can accentuate any outfit, for any occasion - whilst giving you the confidence to express yourself freely in your looks. 
This is because watches are so much more than accessories to an outfit, they are an expression of self.
Above all else, we value family, time and evoking feelings.

Our mission is to allow you to conduct your everyday business with the confidence and class you deserve to show the world.

Wherever you go, you can always rely on Line Out watches.